Artist Statement

My work speaks to the information given by a piece of art to the viewer and how the viewer connects to it. My practice covers a broad spectrum of media, from oil paintings to encaustic, and this interest in the usefulness of the subject is found in nearly all of these media.  My art tries to display information in a visually appealing way, but if the viewer does not know what the source material is, it is often coded. Because of the reference material’s abstraction, there is a loss in its usefulness and functionality. The encaustic works investigate the viewer’s understanding of the line and whether the viewer can discern its broader meaning even when it is abstracted into simple forms and out of context. These are specifically maps of Drew, but are they still usable if you tried to reference them for direction? Maybe, maybe not, but regardless the map is so cropped it would only be helpful for a short distance. This abstraction and adaptation of information to color is also explored through my music paintings. They are part of an ongoing series interested in if music and color can provide the same feeling when the color is given equal representation on a canvas. I am also interested in the colors’ interactions, the push and pull between them.